Performance Food Service wanted to get into the Halloween spirit with an event that tapped into the hype around the annual festivities.

Springfield is one of the company’s 36 distribution areas in the country that delivers more than 125,000 food and food-related products to 85,000 customer locations.

The team’s Halloween Food Truck Party offers a chance to showcase their products, but they wanted to add an extra element of trick or treat fun to the occasion.


With more than 1500 people set to enjoy the Halloween Food Truck Party, Standing Ovations knew they had to create a brand activation with impact.

As well as leaving guests happy and full with delicious food from their range, Performance Food Service wanted to reinforce their brand awareness.

Capturing the spirit of Halloween, Standing Ovations worked with Performance Food Service to develop an interactive photo experience that guests the chance to interact even more with the brand through our exclusive branded Mirror Me Booth.

Halloween themed props were utilized as well as a creative branded photo template that captured theme of the event.


  • Guests had great fun posing, laughing and playing in front of the Mirror
  • Corporate branding was reinforced through strategic use of a branded screen and overlay
  • Brand awareness was further raised through the use of branded printouts that users got to take home with them.