The New England Regional Council of Carpenters Local 108 engaged Standing Ovations to assist in making sure their annual holiday party and awards assembly delivered for their 500 plus attendees.

The annual holiday event played host to members from across the region and was designed to celebrate the successes of local carpenters and allow them to experience a holiday party with a difference.


Standing Ovations was responsible for creating a total party solution for the New England Regional Council of Carpenters Local 108.

From the moment guests entered the venue they were treated to some of the most cutting-edge sound equipment that reinforced the stellar tunes played by DJXXX.

Innovative lighting solutions created a special ambiance for the party with bespoke lighting that added an element of drama to the occasion.

In addition, guests were delighted by the addition of a Mirror Me Booth that helped break the ice and saw hundreds of attendees pose and play around with our full box of themed props.


  • Guests loved the party atmosphere created by the sound system and bespoke lighting and the dance floor was constantly full with guests.

Every guest at the annual holiday party were able to take home a branded print from the Mirror Me Booth as a keepsake of the occasion.